Third Diocesan Synod

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Lord Jesus,


You gather us together as the
Church of Sacramento
to journey with you
and to carry your Gospel to all people.


Bless those who have served your Church
so generously
as members of our Diocesan Synod, and
all those with whom they collaborate
to build your Kingdom
throughout the parishes and institutions
of the Diocese of Sacramento.


Let your Holy Spirit enlighten our minds
and guide all our actions
as you renew us in faith
and unite us in love.


Bring to fulfillment the work you have
begun through the Synod,
for your greater honor and glory.


Bless all the faithful
in our parishes and institutions
as we go forth to continue
to implement the Synod
and your marvelous plan for us.


We commit ourselves to continue to journey
with and in you.


Bishop William K. Weigand